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What’s Happening!

In October, the members of Calvary Baptist Church will be celebrating the Lord’s Supper on the first Sunday of the month. On October 20th, Susie Kallal will be our guest during the Sunday school hour. Susie is a former missionary that the members of Calvary Baptist Church has supported. Susie is now retired from the mission field and we are excited to hear about her service to the Lord.




637 Ninth Street
Phillipsburg, KS. 67661

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Preaching & Teaching Schedule

Worship services

During our Sunday worship service, we will take a look at the the arrest, the trials, and the crucifixion of our Lord Jesus. Please join us for service at 11am.


Adult Sunday School

During this month of Leviticus, we will study sexual immorality, loving the Lord and loving our neighbor, and child sacrifice. Our Sunday school classes begin at 9:45am.

Weekly Bible study

During October’s study of I Corinthians, we will learn about spiritual gifts and sacrificial love. We meet every Wednesday evening at 7pm.

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